IU College of Arts + Sciences Skills Campaign


The IU College of Arts and Sciences prepares well-rounded, inquisitive, and innovative graduates to better the world. At the core of this liberal arts education are the College's five foundational skills: Question Critically, Think Logically, Communicate Clearly, Act Creatively, and Live Ethically. We partnered with the College of Arts + Sciences marketing team to create personas around each of these skills. Their team worked to create a personality quiz for prospective students that would align their interests and strengths with one of the five personas in the skills campaign. This exercise honors each student's individuality, and highlights their unique place in the college. Our creative team developed a descriptive badge for each persona that each student could own with pride. We designed a series of 6 postcards that were sent out to the prospective students throughout the campaign – one postcard per skill and persona. The final postcard showed the skills as a whole, demonstrating how each skill is a superpower, driving home that as a student at the College, they'll develop all of these skills.

Collaboration credit: Sarah Hasenour Creative, Staser Creative

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